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Commercial opportunities

Whether your are looking to boost brand awareness or retail direct to your customer, the Howgate offers promotional, advertising and retail opportunities to engage directly with your target audience.

Retail Merchandising Units (RMU's):  High quality, cost-effective units to sell from.  The units are in high footfall locations which make them ideal for specialist product sales.  We offer a flexible short term license agreement, ideal for business start-ups.  The units are approximately 2.5m x 1.5m are offer a wide range of merchandising options. 

Promotional Space:  Place your brand at the heart of the shopper experience.  Located in the centre of the mall to give your brand optimum visibility and maximise opportunities to engage with your customers.  Our promotional spaces have access to power and can be tailored to promote events, product sampling or raise awareness of your campaign, website or business.  Packages are available for car dealerships which include additional opportunities in our car park. 

For all RMU and Promotional queries please contact Margaret Foy on 01324 631985 or email [email protected]

Interested in discussing options for a shop unit? To obtain a commercial lettings pack please contact our agents ‚ÄčOrinsen on 0131 374 1115 or email [email protected].‚Äč 

For more information on availability within the scheme please visit www.ellandi.com or contact Jonathan Robson at [email protected]



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